About 1.20 lakh students will appear for the All India Bar Exam tomorrow. The exam will be held in about 154 centers in 52 cities across the country. After the last exam, nine centers had been cancelled owing to a report of usage of unfair means. For lawyers who would not be eligible to appear for the exam due to the pandemic will be allowed to appear for the same in March-April.

“It is further made clear that the period from 24th March, 2020 to 31st March, 2021 had been exempted owing to the pandemic Covid-19 from being counted within the period of two years (with effect from enrolment as an Advocate) for clearing/passing the All India Bar Exam. Therefore, candidates who have shown/expressed their inability to appear in this exam within the prescribed period, owing to pandemic related reasons or otherwise can appear in the next exam, which is slated to be held in the month of March/April 2021,” the bar council said in an official website.

During the January exams, it would be mandatory for candidates to carry admit card to the exam hall. Mobile phones, electronic gadgets are banned at the exam hall. Bar council has also put in place signal jammers at approximately 50 centres in order to further ensure that no one in the vicinity is able to use phones or gadgets.


1.20 lakh to take All India Bar exam tomorrow, re-exam for COVID-affected candidates in March-April
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