The University of Hyderabad (UoH) is offering an online diploma course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML). The course will be delivered through the Center for Distance and Virtual Learning (CDVL) with the help of the faculty of the School of Computer and Information Sciences (SCIS) and AAIC Technologies Pvt Ltd. This is a one-year online diploma course and the virtual inaugural ceremony of the first batch of the course was held on March 27.

The main aim of the diploma course is to offer a skill-based tailor-made course that can enhance the industry-ready abilities among graduates and working professionals, said the varsity.

In the inaugural batch, a total of 702 students have been admitted already. The programme is completely online with few contact classes at the University of Hyderabad campus or virtual mode. This course can be taken up by both working professionals and students. The course aims at teaching foundations of machine learning and AI, machine learning, deep learning, Python ML&AI frameworks, and solving real-world problems using ML&AI, claims the Hyderabad University.

Emerging courses to pursue: Virology | Actuarial science |  Pharma Marketing | FinTech Coronavirus | Robotics | Healthcare Engineering | Cyber Security | Data Science | Petroleum and Energy | Design Strategy | Business analytics | Digital auditing Digital marketing | Luxury management | Machine learning | Gaming Industry | Product design Transport mobility design IoT and social media

Virtually addressing the event, the Chief Guest Dr Saraswat, a member of Niti Ayog said, “So far, AI has primarily been used by the private sectors for commercial usage. The mission of the government is to make AI accessible to all the sectors of society,” He also added that the government has decided to focus on five sectors- health care, agriculture, education, smart cities and infrastructure, and smart mobilities and transportation.

He mentioned that AI&ML could be used both in good and bad ways, so advised the instructors to emphasise its good use at every stage of the teaching. Besides, he added that by the end of 2035, there will be a workflow transition in jobs, which will require a better balance between humans and intelligent systems.


Hyderabad University offers diploma course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
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