The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) has laid down guidelines for mass promotion of Class 9 and 11 students, according to which school principals will have the authority to award more than 10 as grace marks to students to promote them.

Till now, there was a restriction of maximum 10 as grace marks to students. The guidelines have been declared Friday after the state government cancelled their exams and declared mass promotion of all students from Class 1 to 9 and Class 11 for the 2020-21 academic session. The students will not be eligible for ranks.

Schools have been directed to assess students of Class 9 and 11 science stream according to internal assessment — periodical tests of 10 marks, notebook submission of 5 marks and subject enrichment activity of 5 marks.

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For students of general and vocational stream, assessment will be conducted as term paper of 10 marks, review of one syllabus book from the library of 5 marks and projects 5 marks. Thus, for report cards 50 marks of first exam that was held and 20 marks of internal assessment will be converted into 100 marks to prepare results.

“In the report cards, against second and final exams, schools have to mention ‘Due to Covid-19, exams were not conducted’,” the guidelines stated. The Gujarat government postponed Class 10 and 12 board exams till June, while it announced that no exams would be held for students from Class 1 to 9 and Class 11.


Gujarat GSHSEB sets norms for mass promotion of Class 9, 11 students
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