A total of 62.72 per cent of Class 12 general stream students  passed the supplementary examinations, results of which were announced by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) Thursday.

In the Class 12 Science stream, 29.29 per cent students passed the supplementary examinations. The general stream supplementary results are said to be one of the highest in last several years.

“The supplementary Science result is usually low but the general stream results are very good this time. This is the highest in last several years,” GSHSEB chairman A J Shah told The Indian Express

In Class 12 general stream, out of 37,457 candidates who appeared for the supplementary examinations held in July, 23,494 cleared.

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While the combined pass percentage of girl students for general (including commerce and arts), vocational and ucchattar buniyadi is 68.87 per cent, for boys it is 58.82 per cent.

Similarly, in the Science stream, out of 12,250 candidates, 3,588 have cleared the supplementary examinations with a pass percentage of 29.29 per cent.  The pass percentage of girls and boys is nearly same at 29.30 and 29.27 per cent respectively.

The pass percentage for supplementary examinations of Science stream was less than 10 per cent for the past five years.

In 2020, 9.26 per cent of the students cleared the Class 12 supplementary examinations for the Science stream.  While the pass percentage was 9.96 per cent in 2018, in 2017, 7.63 per cent students cleared the supplementary exams for Class 12 Science stream.

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The lowest supplementary result of Class 12 science stream in last several years was recorded in 2016 — 3.47 per cent.

In the general stream, pass percentage over the  years is relatively higher.

In 2019, 56.56 per cent Class 12 students had cleared the supplementary examinations. While in 2018, the pass percentage was 40.74,  37.15 per cent cleared the test in 2017.


Class 12 supplementary exam results out: 62 per cent students pass in general stream; 29 per cent in Science stream
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